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I am a self-taught creative hailing from the city that never sleeps. My doodles are about everyday people, places, and things while keeping a humourous aesthetic to them. I am passionate about the art and the tech where it sits.

I am inspired by words, thoughts, ideas, Twitter spaces, my wife, my job, and my kids. Anything and everything. From the idea of inanimate objects as people in another dimension to my take on 'art is subjective' and trying to get the viewer to see something different in every piece of art, I pour myself into my art.
The main image for the 'OH HELLO' Collection

'Oh Hello' Collection

Tezos Blockchain

The Watcher from the BUSCA Collection

BUSCA Collection

Tezos Blockchain

Pay to the order of Real Hip Hop from the BoGa Collection

BoGa Collection

Tezos Blockchain